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Experts say that having a nanny is the best investment that you can make for your child. At The Nanny Collection, we agree. 

Having a nanny means much more than having someone to help look after your child. It means one on one attention in the safest environment of them all, your home. This allows a child-led approach, encouraging practical learning skills at an advanced speed. At your fingertips, you would access to a highly experienced childcare professional fully prepared to instill all of their knowledge in your home. 

Another plus, especially in todays time, is that your children do not get sick as often and if they do, you have someone to help care for them while you are free to work. 

Most importantly, you have someone who is caring for your children in a way that you would, as an extension of your own parenting techniques, beliefs, and values. 


Once you complete the registration process, we create a customized job posting based off of your families needs and market it to both our list of qualified nannies, as well as to other candidates that we hope to attract.


We extensively vet all interested providers through a 12 point screening process. This key process includes government level background checks, in depth application and resume reviews, multiple rounds of interviews, and personally conducted reference checks. 


Once we find a few qualified applicants that we think would fit in perfectly with your family, you are able to personally meet and identify your top choice!


ALL nannies and childcare providers that The Nanny Collection refers to you will be offered key training opportunities before the start of employment commences, including those as critical as SIDS, CPR + Basic Life Support, and First Aid. 

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We then draft you and your nanny a personalized work agreement and a legally binding, lawyer approved employment contract. This helps protect both the family and the nanny if any issues were to arise by setting clear and realistic expectations

Once the placement is made, we help aide you in the hiring process by setting you up with numerous different professional connections, including one with our preferred payroll company, an industry leader.


We truly are with you every step of the way, and continue to offer support to both the family, as well as to the nanny. We know that as your children grow, their needs will change! This is why we want our nannies to continue to grow with them. In order to advocate for this shared growth, we offer our nannies bi-weekly professional development opportunities at free or little cost. 


Starting in December, we will begin offering weekly themed curriculum (designed by licensed childhood educators) for all of our childcare providers to implement in your home. 

Our Background Checks Include:




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Our Core Values

The Nanny Collection, LLC leads out of the following Core Values, and seeks to work with valued clients, potential candidates, and professional colleagues who are in agreement with these core principles.


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We strive to demonstrate an unmatched commitment to professional excellence not only in our professional endeavors, but also in our personal life. We believe in working alongside individuals who demonstrate commitment to becoming the best versions of themselves that they can be, which is precisely why we believe in offering professional development opportunities at little to free cost.


We are thoroughly committed to producing elite work with both families and nannies. We believe in working alongside those who wholeheartedly enjoy what they do and are dedicated to their craft. We feel that those who show professional dedication and commitment are the best people to work with.


The work we perform is always at the highest level possible. We are honest, thorough, and professional. The Nanny Collection delivers quality services through recruiting the best nannies and using innovative matching processes. Everything that we produce has been carefully and thoughtfully built to meet the highest standards possible. 


We value continued learning and growth in both skill and knowledge. TNC will always strive to improve our business operations, our nanny’s personal development, and become an innovator in the nanny industry.


We are thoroughly committed to producing elite work with both families and nannies. We are trusted by many because we work efficiently to provide open communication in the most private way possible with all parties involved. As the industry expert, we provide individualized coaching through the placement processes and ongoing support throughout the placement.

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