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Guaranteed Hours - Why is it important?

All About Guaranteed Hours:

Guaranteed hours form the bedrock of stable and mutually beneficial relationships between nannies and families. By grasping the significance of guaranteed hours and leveraging the resources and support provided by our agency, both nannies and families can enjoy a smoother, more reliable, and gratifying childcare experience.

What are Guaranteed Hours?

Guaranteed Hours refer to the specified number of hours a nanny is paid for each week or month at an agreed-upon hourly rate. If a nanny is Guaranteeing you their availability for those hours, you are agreeing to guarantee pay for those hours.

While household workers are typically compensated on an hourly basis according to IRS regulations, guaranteed hours ensure that a nanny's income remains stable and predictable. A striking 72% of nannies incorporate guaranteed hours into their employment agreements, emphasizing the prevalence of this practice within the industry.

How Many Hours Should I Guarantee?

We recommend Guaranteeing 75%-100% of the hours outlined in the job expectations.

What are the Benefits of Guaranteed Hours for Nannies?

  • Stability and Predictability: Guaranteed hours offer nannies financial stability, enabling them to plan for essential expenses such as groceries and bills with confidence, irrespective of temporary changes in the family's requirements.

  • Protection from Income Fluctuations: Nannies, categorized as non-exempt hourly employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), are entitled to minimum wage and overtime pay. However, without guaranteed hours, they might face unforeseen reductions in income due to factors beyond their control. Guaranteed hours act as a safety net in such scenarios.

What are the Advantages of Offering Guaranteed Hours as a Family?

  • Attracting High-Quality Nannies: Offering guaranteed hours serves as a powerful incentive to attract top-tier nanny candidates. It signals a family's dedication to providing a dependable income, a factor highly valued by professional nannies.

  • Consistency and Dependability: Families can rely on guaranteed hours to ensure dependable childcare. Knowing that their nanny will be available and committed, even during periods of reduced need, contributes to a smoother and more reliable childcare experience.

Guaranteed Hours vs. Salary Arrangements

It is crucial to differentiate between guaranteed hours and salary arrangements. Guaranteed hours ensure that a nanny is compensated for the hours they have committed to being available for work, regardless of whether those hours are utilized or not. As a reminder, household staff positions are not typically Salaried positions. This practice does not involve accruing or "banking" hours for future use, as that would violate labor laws.


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