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What is “Light Housekeeping?”

We post several of Nanny jobs that discuss "Light Housekeeping". This is an industry standard term used in most Nanny Job Descriptions, especially those that are Full Time.

So what does this include?

Light Housekeeping typically only applies to cleaning up after the children. This can include tidying up after the children, doing the children’s laundry, and ensuring general cleanliness and organization in the areas where the children spend time.

This might involve tasks like washing dishes used by the children, wiping down surfaces, and picking up toys. Below are some more examples.

  1. Tidy Play Areas

  2. Child Meal Prep Clean Up

  3. Wash and Sanitize Bottles

  4. Children's Laundry

  5. Restocking Wipes/Diapers

  6. Other Small Household Tasks (as previously agreed upon)

You can select the most important Light Housekeeping Needs for your Specific Household to your family on your Family Registration Packet, and we can help solidify them when offering your top candidate a position.

The truth is that while the expectations of Light Housekeeping often vary from family to family, one thing remains the same: THIS IS NOT THE PRIMARY ROLE OF A NANNY.

The primary objective of being a nanny is caring for the children. We can always supply a great Household Manager or Private Housekeeper if your needs are more household oriented! Learn more about our Household Manager services on our website!


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